Welcome to Bilingual Mom’s!

Welcome to my parenting blog! Here I will share my parenting journey as a highly bilingual, bicultural, and biliterate Asian mom (NOT a “tiger mom!”) who happens to be an educator herself. My professional training is in the field of languages and cultures education. A large portion of this blog is devoted to educating my daughter to be bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural. I am also hoping to enpower her (and other immigrant families) by working together to establishing a “Third Place” where who we are can be discussed freely and fully.

I am passionate about helping kids, including my own daughter, become individuals of strong, healthy mind and global citizens of a strong voice and sense of responsibility. As Asian Americans, besides the usual challenge that everyone, every parent and child, faces, we also have our cultures and culturally rooted mindset coming into play. On this blog I will also share our stories of individuation with a balanced connection to our communities, of fostering a growth mindset and inner drive without having to be a “tiger mom,” of parenting a strong-willed, spirited child that does not fit into the Asian stereotype, and of attending to some specific (special) learning needs.

We are just regular people, flesh and blood, just like everyone else 🙂 We play and have fun; we have hobbies, we travel, we have special events that we love to go to and holidays that we celebrate, some of these are cultural specific. Yet, all experiences are specific to us, each as individuals. My blog also has a place for these!

I am a dreamer who likes to self-reflect and voice my opinions. (Over the years I’ve also learned to take action! 😀 ) I have a place for these reflective thoughts, too, here on my blog. My daughter has become quite a thinker who likes to ask questions and is learning to be a problem solver. I often find myself in awe of what she has to say. So, besides my random thoughts, an important portion of this part of the blog records dialogues between my daughter and me. Even though she’s still a little girl (she’ll disagree and tell you she’s a big girl now), we’ve spontaneously and unintentionally covered a lot of topics! We talked about God in a philosophical and psychological sense; we talked about death and the meaning of life; we talked about “bad guys” and privacy; we talked about countries, cultures, history, and cultural specific issues… I will post these loving, pleasant, yet deep dialogues here.

Another important part of the reflections section is the “letters to daughters” project. I am very honored to have Su-Mei (Thank you Su-Mei, so, so much!), an Asian American mom from Singapore and a tenured university professor, here to bring this project to life together with me. We will write a series of letters to our daughters with our unique lenses and voice. We are real kindred spirits. There are a lot of similarities in our experiences that we cherish. There are also important differences that we mutually respect. In contrast to “Dialogue with Daughter,” our Letters to Daughters are more like monologues that flow out of our heart. We hope our flow of love can become nectar to not only our daughters, but also our readers’ kids.

I am (we are) so excited to sharing with you and reading your experiences if you decide to comment!

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